Boards and Committees

Advisory Boards

Additional volunteer opportunities are available.

CSU Extension-Gilpin County Advisory Committee

Curt Halsted

Julie Shaw

Christy Hoyl

Erin Trumble

Harv Mastalir

Kym Mercier

Constance Reid

Email Contact:

Denver Regional Council of Governments

Gilpin County Representatives:
Sharon Perea
Mary Ellen Makosky

Foothills Regional Emergency Trauma Advisory Council (FRETAC)

Linda Isenhart, County Commissioner

Executive Director Brandon Daruna, Gilpin Ambulance, Inc.

Open, alternate

Gilpin County Animal Response Team (GCART)

Please refer to the Animal Response Team page for details.

Historic Preservation Commission (HPC)

Please refer to the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) page for details.

Human Services Advisory Board

Pending at this time.

Intermountain Nurse Family Partnership

Betty Mahaffey

Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Gilpin County/Clear Creek County representative:
Chad Holtzman
Commissioner Representative, Linda Isenhart

Jefferson County Workforce Development

Joleen Pinkoczi

Library Board

Ann Wyss

Virginia Unseld

Alan Smith

Susan Berumen

Harv Mastalir

Alisha Parkhurst


The Gilpin County Library District is seeking applicants to fill a vacant seat on the Library Board of Trustees. Candidates must be advocates for the Library in the community and should become familiar with the bylaws, budget, policies, and legal responsibilities of a Trustee in the state of Colorado. Terms are five (5) years; an appointee to a currently vacant seat would be eligible for appointment to a new term. Must be a resident of Gilpin County. Letters of interest must be received by March 23, 2018. Send to: Gilpin County Public Library Board of Trustees, 15131 Hwy 119, Black Hawk, CO 80422, or For more information, please contact Board President Harv Mastalir at 303-449-2552.

Planning Commission

Please refer to the Planning Commission page for details.

Public Health

This is a new board that is being created. The Board will consist of 5 members and 2 alternate members. It is recommended that the board membership, whenever possible, include expertise from the following categories: Public health; Mental or Behavioral Health; Community Advocacy; Healthcare; and/or Environmental Health. The new board will begin operation in February or March 2020. For more information on this new board, please click here.

Weed Advisory Board

Craig Nicholson

Andrea R. Orthner

Eric Douglas

Steering Committees

Public Lands

Sandy Hollingsworth

Linda Isenhart

Agriculture, Wildlife and Rural Affairs

Linda Isenhart

Land Use & Natural Resources

Sandy Hollingsworth

Linda Isenhart

Tourism and Resorts

Linda Isenhart

General Government

Sandy Hollingsworth

Taxation & Finance

Linda Isenhart

Transportation & Telecommunications

Linda Isenhart

Health and Human Services

Sandy Hollingsworth

Linda Isenhart

Justice & Public Safety

Sandy Hollingsworth

Linda Isenhart

CCI Steering Committee Voting Proxy

Sarah Baciak

CCI Mountain District

Sandy Hollingsworth

Linda Isenhart

Other Committees, Boards, Assignments

CCAT (Counties & Commissioners Acting Together)

Sandy Hollingsworth

Linda Isenhart

CCAT subcommittee: Public Health/Human Services

Linda Isenhart

CCAT subcommittee: Wildfire Mitigation

Sandy Hollingsworth

CC4CA (Colo Communities for Climate Action)

Linda Isenhart

Opioid Settlement Committee

Linda Isenhart

NoCo Places 2050 (Executive, Members & Pilot)

Sandy Hollingsworth

DOLA Roadmap to Recovery Region Resiliency

Sandy Hollingsworth

Upper Clear Creek Watershed Assn

Attorney Brad Benning

Clear Creek Watershed & Forest Health Collab

Jennifer Cook CSU-E

Gilpin Ambulance Authority Board

Linda Isenhart (Web Sill alternate)

Eagles Nest Early Learning Center Board


Jefferson Center for Mental Health

Linda Isenhart

Chad Holzman

911 Authority Board

Linda Isenhart

Limited Gaming Advisory Committee (4yr term)

George Marlin, Clear Creek

Public Forfeiture Funds Committee (Nuisance)

Web Sill

Gilpin Water Company

Sandy Hollingsworth

Worker's Compensation Pool (CTSI)

Linda Isenhart

Casualty and Property Pool (CAPP)

Linda Isenhart

Denver Regional Council of Gov’ts (DRCOG) (Board, Working committee & CAC)

Web Sill