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Intervening Year (2024)

2024 is an intervening year. Most properties do not change value from a reappraisal year to an intervening year. However, properties with intervening year conditions such as new construction, remodels or additions, change in the use of the land,  or other changes to the property will receive a new value in the intervening year. Additionally, if errors or data corrections were discovered, the property will receive a new value, reflecting those corrections.

The County Treasurer is responsible for mailing tax bills and collection of taxes. In Colorado, property taxes are paid in arrears. Property Tax Notices are a static snapshot of ownership and value as of a certain date at the end of the year.

Questions regarding the payment of taxes please contact the Treasurer's Office 303-528-5222

Find more information regarding your 2023 Tax Notice via the Treasurer.

Personal Property Declarations Mailed in February

Colorado Statute requires anyone who owns a business to declare their business personal property.

The Declaration that you will receive must be filled out and returned to the Assessor by April 15th. 

Electronic Notice of Valuation

Please go to https://enoticesonline.com/ to create an account. You will need the following information: Name, Email, Password, and *Authorization Code.

You will receive an email with the activation link to confirm your email address before you will be allowed to log in to your account. *Please email anielsen@gilpincounty.org or jhunt@gilpincounty.org to obtain authorization code.

Assessment Process Overview

The assessment process involves setting standards for fair and equitable values, discovering and listing information about properties and determining property values. It also involves analyzing the values to ensure they meet the standards of fair assessment and certifying the assessment roll to the appropriate taxing authorities.

To ensure equalization, the assessor must determine residential property values by using only appropriate market information. Values for most other properties are determined from relevant cost, market and income data.



Gilpin County Assessor

April Nielsen, Assessor


Elected 2022.  Term ending in 2027 (first term)

Phone: 303-582-5451

203 Eureka Street
P.O. Box 338
Central City, CO 80427

Office Hours: Monday thru Thursday
7:30am to 5:30pm

Dave Kurronen, Chief Appraiser

Cindy Johnson, Property Transfer Clerk

Mary Coan, Appraisal Associate

Julie Hunt, Chief Deputy