Board of County Commissioners


District #1

Commissioner Marie Mornis

Appointed in 2022

Term ending 2025 (First Term)

District #2

Commissioner Linda Isenhart

First elected in 2015

Term ending in 2023 (Second Term)

District #3

Commissioner Sandy Hollingsworth


Elected in 2021

Term ending 2025 (First Term)


Mission Statement

The Commissioners and all employees provide responsive services for our residents and visitors to protect, maintain and enhance our unique community, our historic and cultural heritage and our mountain environment. We focus on health, safety and well-being, partnerships, community engagement, and effective use of public resources.


Commissioners have the responsibility for running the administrative, budgetary and policy-making functions of the county as a whole. The other constitutional officers in each county elected to four-year terms are the county clerk and recorder, county assessor, county treasurer, county sheriff, county coroner and the county surveyor. Constitutionally and statutorily, they are independent from each other and from the county commissioners. Their powers and duties are prescribed by state statue. County commissioners have no direct authority over the other elected officials' departments.

Job Description

Deputy Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners


Map of Commissioner Districts