Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) Meetings



Monday, February 26, 2024

Work Session | 4:00 p.m. | Online via Teams Only

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Work Session Agenda

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Regular Meeting | 9:00 a.m. | In-Person & Online via Zoom

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Regular Meeting Agenda

To request an accommodation to participate in or attend the Commissioners’ meeting, please notify Deputy Clerk Lyndsey Denton at 303-582-6010, at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

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2024 Regular Meeting Schedule

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2024 Board Packets


February 8-9 Meeting Announcement 

Meeting Announcement



February 27 Board Packet
(A) Work Session Agenda 02-27-23

February 7 Board Packet
Agenda - Work Session

January 31 Board Packet
Agenda - Work Session

January 24 Board Packet
(A) Regular Meeting Agenda 01-24-23
(B) Dog Ordinance Public Comments
(C-1) Assessors 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-2) Clerk and Recorder 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-3) Community Development 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-4) Facilities 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-5) Finance 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-6) Human Resources 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-7) Human Services 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-8) IT 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-9) Public Health 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
(C-10) Public Works Fourth Quarter Report
(D) Treasurer's Report for December 2022
(E) Public Trustee 2022 Fourth Quarter and Annual Report
(F) Treasurer's Semi-Annual Report
(G) Clerk and Recorder's Report for December 2022
(H) Parks and Recreation 2022 Fourth Quarter Presentation
(I) Proclamation for January 2023 as School Board Recognition Month
(J) Resolution 23-04, Appointing Members of the Opioid Council for Region 10, Also Known as the Gateway to the Rockies Opioid Council (GROC)
(K) Resolution 23-03, Amendment to the 2023 List of Appointments, Boards and Committees
(L) Ordinance 22-06, An Ordinance Pertaining to the Welfare, Control and Licensing of Dogs
(M) Microsoft System Retention Schedule
(N) Resolution 23-05, Approval of a Contract with Hinkle and Company, Professional Corportion for the State-Mandated Audit Review
(O) County Attorney's Report
(P) County Manager's Report
(Q) Board of Health, First Quarter Meeting Agenda
(R) Proclamation for January 2023 as Radon Awareness Month

2022 Board Packets


April 19 Board Packet
Meeting Documents

Old Gilpin County Courthouse


Old Gilpin County Courthouse - Commissioners meeting location