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Recreational Sport Shooting Collaborative


Check Clear Creek County's website for more frequent updates.

May 20, 2024 Update:

Good progress.  The cost to date is $2,256,500, with a final Phase III budget of $2.4 million in 2024. The contractor is currently finishing the interior of the operations building and the site work is approximately 80% complete.

The budget for the final phase in 2025 is $435,000, pending approval of a $250,000 CPW grant, and will include the shooting enclosures, rifle benches and tables, and target holders.  The goal is to be open by late spring in 2025. 

March 19, 2024 Update:

Staff from the US Forest Service and Clear Creek County presented an update on the Recreational Sport Shooting Collaborative at the March 19, 2024 Board of County Commissioner Work Session.

The Boulder District Ranger presented historical information on the 2019 decision:

  • Partnership created to address safety concerns and conflicts.
  • The 2019 Decision came after years of collaboration with Boulder, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Larimer counties and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
    • Over 2,000 comments received during planning process, but only 5 objections we received that were resolved before signing the final decision.
  • Closures of unsuitable areas are contingent on public ranges being open in identified geographic areas and does not impact hunting where it is legal to do so.
  • When fully implemented, it will limit recreational shooting on 226,113 acres of the 1.5 million-acre Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland.
  • The Forest Service followed the John D. Dingell, Jr. Conservation, Management, and Recreation Act. This will allow the closures to be implemented as ranges open.

Devil’s Nose Shooting Range:

  • Expected to open 2025.
  • Located on the Clear Creek Ranger District south of I-70. Open seasonally.
  • Will trigger closures south of I-70 in Clear Creek County, northern Larimer County and Grand County. Closures expected around September 1

Clear Creek County shared an update on the Clear Creek-Gilpin shooting range. The operations building is now complete. The range will have 45 lanes, 20 more than the 25 required to trigger the closures within Clear Creek and Gilpin counties. There will also be a classroom for 25 people where they could hold classes for hunters. They are also exploring adding archery at the site. She hopes to open the range in early-to-mid 2025. After the shooting range opens, it will trigger the remainder of the closures in Clear Creek County and Gilpin County. 

Clear Creek County also shared information on the funding for the shooting range. The bulk of the funds, $1.25M, has been contributed by Colorado Parks & Wildlife (CPW). Clear Creek County has contributed $725K plus about $80K for staff time and an in-kind donation of land valued at $400K. Gilpin County has contributed $400K with those funds primarily from our conservation trust fund. Working in partnership with Clear Creek County has enabled the closures without the local impact and cost involved in the building of our own range.

The shooting range is exploring a membership opportunity with a discount for Gilpin County and Clear Creek County residents. The exact fees are unknown at this point since they do not yet have financial projections for the shooting range. The plans would also include offering the range for the local sheriffs’ offices to use for training. 

March 6, 2024 Press Release

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests plans implementation of recreational shooting closures identified in the 2019 Recreational Sport Shooting Project Decision

February 1, 2024 Update:

  • Operations building is 90% complete
  • Utilities are being installed (well, sewer lines, electricity, fiber optic)
  • Lead removal and remediation is complete
  • Clear Creek County has budgeted an additional $250,000 for 2024 so progress can continue
  • Target date to open:2025

November 2, 2023 Press Release

Interactive Map of the USFS Final Decision regarding closures  

The map allows you to zoom in or search by address to see where the closures will be.  Please note that the closures will go into effect when shooting range is complete.

Since 2013, Gilpin County has worked with the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest (ARNF), Boulder, Clear Creek, and Larimer Counties, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife (collectively the Northern Front Range Sport Shooting Management Partnership) to develop management strategies for recreational sport shooting on the ARNF.  Recreational sport shooting (RSS) is a longstanding and legitimate use of Forest lands, however, increased recreation is making many areas unsuitable.  

In recent years Colorado’s population has been increasing annually with the majority of this growth occurring along the Front Range.  As population has increased, so have the number of people who live near and use the National Forest. The mixing of RSS activities on Forest lands in close proximity to residences and other high use public areas is causing safety concerns. Tragically, people have been struck by stray bullets and seriously injured on the ARNF.

A Recreational Sport Shooting Management Environmental Assessment (EA) was conducted by the ARNF as a part of the Front Range Partnership effort and the decision will amend the Forest Plan to address dispersed recreational sport shooting. Gilpin County spent several years evaluating multiple sites for feasibility for a new public range.  The proposed location at Dumont, in partnership with Clear Creek County, was determined to be the best area because it is County owned land, there is an existing range, and the access, topography and utilities are favorable. Through a grant from CPW in 2019, Clear Creek County has hired the consulting firm CVA and Associates to complete a Conceptual Plan, including a Business/Operational Master Plan, for a new public shooting sports park.  Drafts of documents associated with this project and process are available on the Clear Creek County website

In May 2021, CPW awarded Clear Creek County an $860,000 Shooting Range Development Grant. The grant and $550,000 match will provide funding for approximately 50% of the estimated total cost ($2.8 million) of the project and will include: (1) lead mitigation and remediation of the existing site, (2) preparation of final design plans and technical documents needed for permits and construction, (3) installation of the necessary service infrastructure (e.g. water, sewer, storm drainage improvements), (4) sitework required for the new range reconfiguration, and (5) construction of the clubhouse; including restrooms, classroom, office, and retail space. When completed, the range will offer 45 public shooting lanes and 2 action bays.

In November 2023, Gilpin County and Clear Creek County are both pleased to announce a big step forward in the Sport Shooting Park Project as Himmelman Construction broke ground on the new public shooting range in early October.  In addition, Metals Treatment Technologies (MT2) has completed lead remediation and mitigation on the Clear Creek County owned site, which was formerly leased by a private gun club.  Clear Creek County is still seeking a concessionaire to run/operate the Sport Shooting park, interested parties should reach out to Lisa Leben at 303.679.2434.

Learn more about the Sport Shooting Partners collaborative on their website.