Family Programs

Colorado Works

Colorado Works is also known federally as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). To be eligible for Colorado Works the applicant must meet federal, state and county income standards. Households must also have dependent children under the age of 19 and be lawfully present in the United States.

 There are three programs available under Colorado Works including Basic Cash Assistance, Diversion, and Caretaker Support Services.

 © BASIC CASH ASSISTANCE: a limited program designed to assist families needing more time to develop a plan for the future and to become job ready and self-sufficient. Other services include: child care assistance, job readiness activities, domestic violence services & support, vocational training, transportation, assistance with work expenses, mental health services, and casework services. With an employment perspective, cash benefits are time-limited (60 months max lifetime limit) and are considered supportive services designed to assist families in reaching their self-sufficiency goals. Participants of this program must be engaged in an approved plan to achieve self-sufficiency.

© DIVERSION: a voluntary program of financial and supportive services to support immediate need. Diversion doesn’t count against your TANF lifetime limit.

© CARE TAKER SUPPORT SERVICES: Help for caretakers of children. 

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