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Family Programs


Colorado Works

Colorado Works is also known federally as Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF). To be eligible for Colorado Works the applicant must meet federal, state and county income standards. Households must also have dependent children under the age of 19 and be lawfully present in the United States.

There are three programs available under Colorado Works including Basic Cash Assistance, Diversion, and Caretaker Support Services.

BASIC CASH ASSISTANCE: a limited program designed to assist families needing more time to develop a plan for the future and to become job ready and self-sufficient. Other services include: child care assistance, job readiness activities, domestic violence services & support, vocational training, transportation, assistance with work expenses, mental health services, and casework services. With an employment perspective, cash benefits are time-limited (60 months max lifetime limit) and are considered supportive services designed to assist families in reaching their self-sufficiency goals. Participants of this program must be engaged in an approved plan to achieve self-sufficiency.

DIVERSION: a voluntary program of financial and supportive services to support immediate need. Diversion doesn’t count against your TANF lifetime limit.

CARE TAKER SUPPORT SERVICES: Help for caretakers of children. 

Contact David Josselyn at 303-582-5444 ext 7204 or


Colorado Benefits Application


Child Support Services

The mission of the Colorado Child Support Services (CSS) Program is to assure that all children receive financial and medical support from both parents. This is accomplished by locating each parent, establishing paternity and support obligations, and enforcing those obligations.

The CSS Program puts children first by helping both parents assume responsibility for the economic and social well-being, health, and stability of their children. We recognize that children benefit from positive, ongoing relationships with both parents.

Visit the Colorado Division of CSS website for information about how to start a case, apply for child support services, how to create an online account to view specific information on your child support case, different ways to make and receive child support payments, and how and when to request changes to a child support order.

Jamie Walker 

Child Support Services

Clear Creek and Gilpin County

Office phone:  303-670-7576

Work cell phone:  970-389-9824

Office Hours:  Monday - Thursday:  7 am to 5:30 pm

Start a Child Support Services Case

Obtain and complete an application. Applications can be:

  • Mailed to you by calling 303-670-7576 and providing a mailing address, or request an application by email at
  • Pick up in person at: 15193 Hwy 119, Black Hawk, CO  80422
  • Apply online. The Colorado Child Support Services (CSS) Program has launched a streamlined application that is available 24/7 - apply online anywhere, any time. 



If you receive Colorado Works / Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), you will be automatically referred to the Child Support Services office.

Return the completed application and all required documents to our office either in person, by mail, or by email. Applications may be delayed if you do not provide the necessary documents, which include:

  1. Copies of state-issued birth certificates for all children.
  2. Copies of Social Security cards for all children.
  3. Copy of your ID (driver’s license, state ID, military ID, etc.).
  4. A photograph of the other parent, if available (this will be returned to you).
  5. Verification of your income (pay stubs, tax return, etc.).
  6. Copy of a marriage certificate (if applicable).
  7. Copies of any court orders signed by a judge or magistrate (examples include; petition and/or divorce decree, separation agreement, paternity orders, a certified copy of child and/or spousal support order, an order of allocation of parental rights, order terminating parental rights, etc.).

Family Support Registry (FSR) Customer Service Department


Mail Payments to:

Family Support Registry (FSR), P.O. Box 2171, Denver, CO 80201-2171

Phone Numbers

Metro Denver: 303-299-9123   |   Nationwide: 1-800-374-6558


8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)

Family Support Registry Website