Schools and Library



Gilpin County is served by two K-12 public school districts.  In the southern portion of the County (RE-1), residents are served by the Gilpin County School District.  The northern portion of the County (RE-2) is served by the Boulder Valley School District, with the school campus located in Nederland (Boulder County).

Read more about the history and reasons for having two school districts and who you can contact for more information.


Gilpin County is currently seeking sustainable childcare solutions for our mountain community. The County owns a former childcare facility that has been vacant since November 22, 2023, and understands the need for viable childcare services in our area. 

The Childcare Steering Committee will make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on what solutions can be made to provide this vital service in February 2024. For general updates of progress, please email Lyndsey Denton, Ldenton@gilpincounty.org 

Gilpin County Public Library

The Gilpin County Library is located in mid-county at 15131 Hwy 119; Black Hawk. The library offers free WiFi, computer access and many other services that county residents might enjoy. Gilpin County is very proud of the local library and encourages residents to visit it when they are in the area. Check out the local artist display or other heritage display that might be exhibiting at the time and check out the "for sale" books in the meeting room, which is also available to residents during library hours and it includes a small kitchen. There is more to the Gilpin library than just books, check it out!