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Short Term Rentals

Gilpin County Community Development


Short-Term Rentals

The rental of residential properties for less than thirty (30) consecutive days at a time is classified as a short-term rental in Gilpin County. Short-term rentals are regulated under County Ordinance 22-04 and the Gilpin County Zoning Regulations. A license is required to advertise and operate a short-term rental. Violators of Ordinance 22-04 will be cited and subject to fines.

There are three tiers of licenses: Tier 1, owner occupied. Tier 2, non-owner occupied & county resident. Tier 3, non-county resident.

Licenses for tiers 2 and 3 are subject to a combined 5% cap on total housing units in unincorporated Gilpin County. The total license cap for tiers 2 and 3 shall be 155 licenses for the year 2024. Applicants must provide adequate documentation to demonstrate occupancy or residency for tier 1 and 2 licenses. The county regularly audits tier 1 and 2 licenses for compliance, violators will be subject to fines and/or revocation of their license.

As of 8.23.2023 we have closed the online STR Applications Portal. We have reached the license cap. We have created an online wait list application which you can apply for here: Short Term Rental Waitlist Application

Current Eligible Wait List Applicants: March/April 2024 List 3.18.24

Current STR License Wait List: March 18th, 2024

Please note: If you operate a short-term rental without a valid license, you will be cited. Citations may impact your eligibility for a license. Tier 1 license applicants must be living at the property and present at the property during times the property is rented. Tier 1 licenses only allow you to rent out a portion of the property or a portion of the dwelling. If a Tier 1 license holder is found advertising their property as a "whole house" or "whole property" rental, they will be cited and may face license revocation.


Current Regulations

Ordinance 22-04 Short Term Rental Regulations was adopted by the Gilpin County Commissioners on August 23, 2022 and is effective immediately. 

Resolution 22-24 Text Amendments Section 3.10 Short Term Rentals to the Gilpin County Zoning Regulations was adopted by the Gilpin County Commissioners on August 23, 2022 and is effective immediately. 

The standards and regulations in the zoning code are mirrored in the approved Ordinance 22-04. Fees, penalties, and enforcement are contained only within the Ordinance. 

Application Resources

Application Submittal Checklist - Details all the required components of a complete application for a short-term rental license. 

Affidavit of Residence - Affidavit template for Gilpin County residents applying for license tiers 1 and 2. 

Gilpin Good Neighbor Guidelines - Required to be posted in the short-term rental. 

Initial Site Inspection and Required Posted Information - Details what staff look for during the site inspection and what is required to be posted in the Short-term rental.

Notice of Lodging Tax to Vendors - Notice regarding Gilpin County Lodging Tax compliance.