Short Term Rentals

Applications for Short-Term Rental Operating Permits are under a moratorium through September 7, 2022.

Upcoming meetings related to short-term rental regulation updates:

Gilpin County Commissioner's Special Meeting STR Public Hearing August 23rd, 2022 @ 9:30 AM or later Old Gilpin County Courthouse


See Public Meetings tab on the website for additional information: Public Meetings | Gilpin County (


Current Regulations

View the adopted Short Term Rental Regulations currently in effect (Section 3.10 excerpt).

Draft Regulations

The Planning Commission has made a "Do-Pass" recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners on 22-TXT-01 Text Amendments: Section 3.10 Short Term Rental Regulations. A copy of the approved draft regulations can be viewed here: TXT-22-01 PC Certified STR Regulations 6.14.22

An updated draft version of the PC Certified STR Regulations with staff recommended changes since Planning Commission certification can be found here: TXT-22-01/Resolution 22-24 Post-PC Certified Redline 8.12.22

The BOCC will also be reviewing a concurrent ordinance that mirrors the regulations approved by the Planning Commission that adds provisions for enforcement and licensing fees. A draft of that ordinance can viewed here: Ordinance 22-04 Short Term Rentals 8.16.22


Members of the public are encouraged to submit written comments on the draft regulations. All comments will be submitted to the Planning Commission for review and consideration. Please email all comments to Please be aware that any submitted comments will become part of the official public record and are subject to the Colorado Open Records Act.

TXT-22-01 STR Public Comments Received 7.22.22 1 OF 2

TXT-22-01 STR Public Comments Received 7.22.22 2 OF 2

Note: If you have submitted comments but do not see them, please contact us as soon as possible.