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Broadband Efforts

Broadband Expansion Initiative


The Board of County Commissioners determined the expansion and improvement of broadband access in Gilpin County to be a high priority. This page serves as the hub for all broadband efforts so the public may keep apprised as our efforts progress.

The Mission of the Broadband Expansion Initiative is for 98% of Gilpin County addresses to be served with broadband that is:

  • Reliable
  • Redundant
  • Resilient


January 2024: Maverix Broadband Secured $8.67 Million Grant to Expand Fiber Optic Broadband in Nederland, Gilpin County, and Unincorporated Boulder County. The grant funding will empower us to reach 2,725 addresses in areas classified as un- or under- served, fostering educational, economic, and healthcare access while promoting digital inclusion. Read more about the grant in our press release.

The blue dots in the linked image show the areas in Gilpin County that will be served by this project which is nearing the construction phase.

December 2023: Gilpin County completed the process to become a Broadband Ready Certified Community. This process identifies our community as a willing partner that has minimized barriers to broadband infrastructure deployment. Learn more about Colorado Broadband Office’s Broadband Ready Community Program. 

Certificate of Completion. The Colorado Broadband Office recognizes this community for proactively taking steps to encourage broadband development and investment to improve the quality of life for its residents. Awarded to: Gilpin County. Signed by Brandy Reitter, Executive Director, Colorado Broadband Office. Includes logos from State of Colorado, Colorado Broadband Office, and Advance Colorado Broadband.
The selection of addresses for the Boulder & Gilpin County broadband project with Maverix Broadband was a complex process due to the highly competitive Capital Project Funding (CPF)
Maverix Broadband Secures $8.67 Million Grant to Expand Fiber Optic Broadband in Nederland, Gilpin County, and Unincorporated Boulder County

In Progress

Gilpin County is part of a weekly Peak to Peak Regional Broadband Planning Group along with Clear Creek County and the Town of Nederland to continue to address broadband needs in our region.

We are also currently identifying and having conversations with potential ISP (Internet Service Provider) partners. If you have any questions about ISP partnerships, please email Jamie Boyle, Gilpin County Grants Manager.

Gilpin County is receiving technical assistance from NEO Connect through the Colorado Broadband Office to help update our Strategic Broadband Plan. View our current Strategic Broadband Plan from 2017.

We are in the process of identifying and applying for further grant opportunities that will help us to reach our goal of 98% of households served. 


How Can You Help?

You can help us with updating our Strategic Broadband Plan by sharing your speed test results and/or looking up your address and submitting a challenge should the information be incorrect.

Perform a speed test and submit your results.

  1. Run your Speed Test
  2. Submit your Results

Look up your address to check your funding status. Submit a challenge if you believe the information is incorrect.

  1. Go to the FCC Broadband Map 
  2. Type in the address of your home
  3. Click on the green dot that represents your home 
  4. If the provider information does not appear to be correct, click on “Availability Challenge” 
  5. Click “Select” next to the provider you are challenging
  6. Click "Send my challenge to the selected provider" 
  7. Enter Name, Email, Phone
  8. Select your Reason For Challenge from the drop-down menu
  9. Describe Your Experience: This is where you should type in more details about your reason for challenge such as how you contacted the company/went to the company website and received a very high quote to install etc.
  10. Upload Evidence. (Optional, but very helpful) Examples of evidence include correspondence with the provider, screenshots of the provider's website, or images of the provider's marketing material.
  11. Click the box indicating that you certify your challenge and click the “Submit” button.
  12. Once you have completed your challenge, please send a copy of your challenge submission to