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Animal Response Team (GCART)

G.C.A.R.T.'s purpose and concern is for the welfare of all domestic animals in emergency situations. G.C.A.R.T. assists firefighters in the evacuation of large stock animals and smaller companion animals in the event of wild fire, toxic spill, or other natural or manmade disasters that may occur in Gilpin County. Please download and complete the WINDOW form and place it in a easily seen location for those first responders. They will then notify GCART to come get your animals if you are not there and let us know how many animals we are picking up. Change the form as your animal population changes.

Important Documents


Be in the Know
Does your livestock know how to be loaded into a trailer? Does your cat or dog go into a kennel? Have they ever done it or do you practice it regularly?

If not, then they won't be able to be loaded by GCART volunteers if they need to be evacuated because they will refuse to be loaded or kenneled and there won't be time to teach them at that point. The best that could be done if they won't load would be to open the gates or doors and let them fend for themselves during the disaster. How do you change this option? By calling GCART and scheduling a loading clinic for your livestock or if there is enough demand we will schedule a kenneling clinic for those smaller pets. If you don't have a trailer to practice with, we can bring one out to do the clinic and let them at least experience being loaded into a trailer. THIS IS VITAL if you want them loaded and removed during a disaster. If you have your own trailer, then PRACTICE with them. This is also important for your dogs and cats. Do they have a kennel? Are they used to being in it? If not PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE until they are comfortable being in their kennels. If you don't have a crate or kennel, call GCART and we will give you one that you can transport them in. Thanks to generous donations, we have several plastic crates we can hand out to dog and cat owners so you can move them when needed. If you need help with either your livestock or pets, please call GCART and arrange a loading clinic for them.


Gilpin County Emergency Manager

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Melissa Lewis

2960 Dory Hill Road, Ste. 300
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