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Renewals may be obtained online via the Colorado Portal at:


at a kiosk


You may send your renewal via mail to the office at PO Box 429, Central City, CO, 80427. Please allow one week processing time for mail in renewals. You may also drop your check or money order at the recording office for processing. The processing time may be extended in some situations if there is any question regarding insurance records that are transmitted to Gilpin County by outside entities. To avoid any extended delays, when mailing in a renewal, please be sure to include the following:

  1. Proof of Colorado insurance if needed. (If needed it will be stated on the renewal card) In the event that the insurance information on your vehicle is not posted or is not current on the computer database you may have received a notification letter from Explore (3rd party vendor contracted to maintain the insurance database). Please send a copy of the notification with your renewal notice and proof of insurance. This will help resolve these issues in a timelier manner.
  2. A signed check, made payable to "Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder" for the exact amount stated on the renewal card. If you don't renew your vehicle before the end of the grace period a late fee will be applied. Please call the office for the correct total.
    1. There are 2 fees noted on your renewal card. One is for renewing your vehicle WITH a parks pass, and one is for renewing your vehicle WITHOUT a parks pass. Please do not add these fees up. Choose one based on whether you wish to have the Colorado Parks Pass or not. This pass gives you entry into all Colorado State Parks at a greatly discounted rate.