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Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges


Disability plates enable the driver to park in the specially marked parking zones. An application form - DR2219 for Persons with Disabilities Parking Privileges, which includes a doctor's verification of the disability, is required to obtain the placards or plates. Find the form here: DR2219

You do NOT need to come into our office to complete this transaction.

Three types of registration are available:

  1. Permanent License Plates Only - Application fees are calculated the same as for license plates and are issued to a person with a disability who owns and drives a vehicle.
  2. Permanent Placards - For persons with permanent disabilities who do not own or who own more than one vehicle. The placard will be issued which is to be placed inside the vehicle when the person with a disability is riding. The placard is movable from one vehicle to another.
  3. Temporary Placards - are issued for a time period of up to 3 months to a person with a temporary disability.

Once approved you may be issued the following combinations:

  • 1 set of plates and 1 placard OR
  • 2 placards
  • You do NOT need to come into our office to complete this transaction.
  • Applications can be mailed to our office at PO Box 429, Central City, CO 80427.
  • Please make sure the area of "Witness Printed Name", "Witness Signature" and "Date" (all required) is filled out.
    • This is any person witnessing and affirming that the named owner of the vehicle identified in this document presented the identification described above.
  • If you would like to pick up your placard in person, please include a note with your application along with your phone number, so we may call you when it has been processed. If not, we will mail it to the address listed on the application.
  • You may find these forms here, or your doctor has these forms in their office.