Public Works is applying fresh dust control on Apex Valley and Dory Hill roads June 13, weather permitting. Alternate routes are advised.


Homemade Trailers


In cases where a private party has built a trailer, it is necessary to apply for a homemade ID number. The builder must supply our office with the following information: length, width, weight, value, and type of trailer. If parts or supplies were purchased to build the trailer, bills of sale are also required.

The builder will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that he/she built the trailer with parts on hand and small purchases. Upon completion of the application, we will assign an ID number which the owner must have affixed to the metal frame of the trailer. The fee for the ID number is $3.50. The application form DR 2409 must also be presented in our office to obtain license plates and title. Other title and licensing fees may also be applicable.

Please contact the Sheriff's Office to make an appointment for a Certified VIN Inspection by calling 303-582-5500. The Certified VIN Inspector will provide a DR2697 (Certificate of Compliance for trailers less than 2,000 pounds) and DR2704 (Certified VIN Inspection). Certified VIN inspections are $50.00. After the officer fills out the form, please bring it to the Clerk and Recorder's Office. You will also need to fill out a DR2409 which can be downloaded from the link or you can get one from the Clerk and Recorder's Office when you come in.