Gilpin County Historic Courthouse front porch/entrance will be closed May 16 to June 17. Signs will redirect visitors.


Gilpin Motor Vehicles

The Gilpin County Clerk and Recorder’s office is responsible for vehicle registration, titling and issuing license plates. You may pay for your license fees with personal checks, cash or credit cards. There is a notary on-site for your convenience but please check for availability as they may not be on-site at all times. Appointments are required and if you wish to walk-in without one,  please note you may have a wait as appointments will be seen at their scheduled time.  We do NOT issue Driver's Licenses or ID's at this office. (Info and locations for drivers licenses can be found here.) 

Motor Vehicles is open by appointment only. 

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Find a Kiosk to conduct your transaction

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Due to SB21-069 you will no longer be able to transfer your tags to a new vehicle after 1/1/22. Please note this is not a county decision, and you are encouraged to reach out to your legislator with any comments or complaints.

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Before You Come...
Determine Whether Your Transaction Can Be Completed Online

Before you schedule an appointment, please check first to see if you can conduct your transaction there or at a kiosk at many supermarkets. MOST transactions can be completed at that site and allow you to 'skip the trip' to the office.

Renewals can be done online at by mail, drop box, or kiosk.

You can also renew by mail or by dropping your check/money order in the mail or at the Clerk's office. This AVOIDS LATE FEES.

Get a Quote Online (Optional)

To avoid any misunderstandings we will not quote fees or give estimates over the phone. You can obtain an estimate at at under the Vehicle Services tab.

Be Aware of Transaction Limits and Other Details

Customers are limited to 2 transactions per appointment. If you have more than 2, please call and schedule an appointment so that we can accommodate you when staff is available.

No Motor Vehicle Titles or transactions will be taken after 4:30 p.m.

Pets are not permitted in the building.

**Please note that staff is currently training with the State in order to serve you better. This is a 26 week program. As a result, we are behind in returning phone calls and emails. If you left a message we will return your call. Please search this website for your question is probably already answered here. Thank you for your patience at this time and note we will get back to you asap.**

We may not perform any motor vehicle transaction for anyone except the owner of the vehicle, unless the customer has the owner’s power of attorney. The only exception is a registration renewal if the customer has the owner’s renewal postcard. Businesses must give a letter of authorization to their agent in order for us to handle their transactions.

These policies are dictated by the Drivers Privacy and Protection Act (DPPA) which we are required to follow. They apply even if the customer is a spouse, family member or friend.

Schedule Appointment Online

Motor vehicle appointments are to be scheduled online only unless otherwise stated in the scheduling system. You will receive a confirmation email only if you schedule online. If you choose not to schedule an appointment, please note that you may have an extended wait time as those with appointments will be seen at their scheduled time.

You are limited to 2 transactions for your appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

Arrive Early or On Time

Please arrive on time as all individuals will be called by their confirmed appointment. Appointments will be forfeited if you are more than 5 minutes late.


If you did not receive your renewal card in the mail, please call 303-582-5321 and leave your name, number and plate # and we can call you with a total. 

Clerk and Recorder

Sahari McCormick

Picture of Sahari McCormick
office: 303-582-5321
fax: 303-565-1797

203 Eureka St.
PO Box 429
Central City, CO 80427



Monday to Thursday:
7:30am to 5:30pm by appointment only

Last Motor Vehicle transaction will be at 4:45pm. NO Motor Vehicle Title work will be taken after 4:30 p.m.

Skip the Trip and complete your transaction online at

Registration renewals may be mailed to PO Box 429, Central City CO 80427 and we will mail your tabs.