Planning and Zoning


Activities Requiring P&Z Review and/or Permits:

  • Boundary Line Elimination (BLE)
  • Boundary Line Adjustment (BLA)
  • Rural Development Exemptions (RDE)
  • Minor Subdivision Exemptions (SBE)
  • Rezoning (Z)
  • PUD
  • Special Use Review (SUR)
  • Sign permits
  • Road Vacates (VPL)
  • Building Plan Review
  • Variances
  • Mining Permits
  • Historic Reviews
  • Demolition Permits
  • 1041 Permit Review

Zoning Map

Gilpin County has no official zoning map. For zoning inquires, please call 303-582-5831 ext. 3.

Historic Review

Gilpin County requires all structures that are at least 50 years old to undergo a historic review before any permits may be issued. Please call 303-582-5831 for more information.

Planning Form/Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a lot is "buildable”?

There is no minimum lot size requirement in Gilpin County. A lot is buildable if it was legally created, legally accessible and if applicable building codes, zoning codes and OWTS codes can be met.

What is the zoning on a property?

Gilpin County does not have an official zoning map. Please call the Community Development Department at 303/582-5831 with zoning inquires.

How do I apply for a variance from the Gilpin County Zoning Code?

Where compliance with zoning regulations would create undue hardship or exceptional difficulty, a variance from the zoning code may be granted By the Board of Adjustment through application to the Planning Department. The fee for a variance application is $1000 for new development and $500 for additions to existing development. A public hearing is required.

Is my property zoned agricultural?

"Agricultural" is a tax designation used by the Gilpin County Assessor's office. No property in Gilpin County is zoned Agricultural.

How do I know if a property is zoned for horses?

Horses are permitted on all property in all zones Gilpin County. Limits on the number of horses one may keep applies only to horse farms where income is realized from the raising and/or keeping of horses. However, codes stipulating setbacks and manure limits exist and apply to all horse property.

How is property zoned in Black Hawk, Central City and Rollinsville?

While unincorporated Rollinsville is included in Gilpin County zoning, the incorporated cities of Black Hawk and Central City operate under their own zoning regulations.

What are "setbacks?"

Setbacks refer to the required distance a building must be from a property line or road and are a function of both the subject site’s zoning and the neighboring property’s zoning. See Zoning Regulations Section 2 for required setbacks.

How do I determine if there is a survey of my property?

The Gilpin County Clerk & Recorder maintains a survey depository. Contact the Clerk & Recorder’s office directly at 303/582-5321 with survey questions as to how you can come in and conduct your search.

What is the zoning for mining claims?

In Gilpin County, mining claims are zoned Resource Residential (RR). All mining claims are eligible for building permits if all applicable codes can be met.

Is my property within a flood zone?

FIRM maps are on file in the Community Development office depicting flood zones. However, these maps are not accurate enough to be relied upon for site planning and code compliance. If your lot or parcel contains a mapped “A Zone”, it is likely that a flood study would be required by Gilpin County to determine code compliance.

Can I build a studio apartment above my garage?

Yes – Ancillary apartments may be located above garages, attached to an existing dwelling unit or detached from an existing dwelling unit depending on zoning and lot size. No ancillary apartment may exceed 800 square feet. Bedrooms are limited to 1 and occupancy is limited to 2 persons. Full details can be found in Section 2.6 of the Gilpin County zoning code

How can I get a copy of the Gilpin County Zoning Code and/or Master Plan?

Hard copies of the both documents are available for $10.00 + S&H from the Community Development Department. Electronic versions are available for download from the Planning & Zoning link below.

How can I get maps of Gilpin County?

Detailed street maps books are available for $100.00 from the Community Development Department. All map books and other map products are available for download from the GIS Map link below.

How can I get a Gilpin County address?

Addresses are assigned by the Community Development Department to parcels presently containing a legal structure or at when a building permit is issued. Vacant land is not eligible for a Gilpin County address.