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Defective COVID-19 Tests

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To All Gilpin County Residents:

This past October, Gilpin County Public Health offered free COVID-19 tests to community members to help prevent the spread of COVID in the county. 

It has just come to our attention that these tests were unfortunately shipped to us containing low buffer fluid levels, and therefore are defective. 

All Clinitest Rapid COVID -19 Antigen Self Tests with the lot number 2201838EUA should be promptly disposed of, as they will not effectively detect COVID-19. 

Please also inform anyone that you may have shared these test kits with as well. It is important that they do not receive false negative test results. 

Replacement tests have been ordered and will be available soon. We sincerely apologize for the issue. 

Please contact the public health office at (303)-582-5803 with any questions or concerns.