Apex Building Closed

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The Apex Building at 495 Apex Valley Road is closed due plumbing issues. The following steps are being taken so that County business may continue without interruption:

  • Finance will be temporarily relocated to the Justice Center / Old Courthouse.  They will be using available space (spare desks and/or public meeting areas) in both buildings.
  • Human Resources will be housed at the Public Work Building (Conference room), and eventually moving to other buildings as time progresses. 
  • Facilities will continue as usual, since they are primarily spread across our other buildings as a matter of their regular business.
  • Gilpin Ambulance Authority crews will be temporarily staying at the Ameristar.  Signs have been posted which direct the public to nearby fire stations – if a need arises.

As the situation changes, more information will be shared, but we are estimating this could last until mid-February. Please direct any questions or comments to Sam Bower at sbower@gilpincounty.org.