Treasurer Deed Information


All tax lien certificates expire 15 years after the date of sale. No deed can be issued after the certificate has expired. A Treasurer's Deed may be applied for three years after the date of  the auction, if the property remained unredeemed. All subsequent taxes and junior tax liens must be paid at the time of Deed Application. If the property is redeemed during this period, any of the deposit that has been used will be reimbursed by the party making the redemption.

The deposit for a Treasurer's Deed for a parcel assessed under $500.00 is $500.00. For a parcel assessed at $500.00 or more, the deposit is $700.00. If your deposit doesn't cover the expenses incurred, you will be billed for that amount before we record your deed.

This covers:

  • An ownership search done by the local abstract company at the cost of $200.00 (except for extensive searches which will cost more).
  • Publication of the application for deed at an average cost of $350.00. Publication is required when the parcel is assessed at $500.00 or more.
  • Mailing, recording, film processing and deed fees.
  • Treasurer's processing fee of $75.00 if advertised and $35.00 if not advertised.
  • Property posting fee of $75.00.

When applying for a deed, send the following items to the Treasurer's Office:

  • Deed Application Request of County Treasurer to take steps for issuance of Tax Deed. You may receive a copy of this form either by clicking on the link for the .pdf document at the beginning of this paragraph or by calling the Treasurer's Office at 303-582-5222 and requesting one. Please fill out completely.
  • Deposit.

Mary R. Lorenz
Gilpin County Treasurer