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There has been no Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) discussion of moving, closing or reducing Gilpin County Dispatch.  Gilpin County wants to strengthen public safety dispatch services in response to Clear Creek County's possible transition of their dispatch system to the Jeffcom system.


In light of these developments the discussion with the Board of County Commissioners, County Manager and Sheriff has just started, as we are carefully assessing our own dispatch arrangements to ensure seamless emergency communications and effective response.  Clear Creek County's dispatch, as well as the City of Black Hawk’s system (currently being renovated) have both played a vital role as backup during potential connection disruptions for Gilpin County's dispatch services.  In 2023, alone Gilpin County has seen several disruptions to our dispatch center requiring alternative backup services.  To this end, a backup resource may be needed to be prepared for any disruption of services

With a firm commitment to public safety, the BoCC in collaboration with County staff is embarking on a comprehensive exploration of options to ensure continued redundancy within its dispatch services to protect public safety. This thorough examination includes strategies aimed at guaranteeing uninterrupted communication, reducing costs where reasonable, and rapid response, ultimately safeguarding the well-being of both County residents and visitors.  To this end, a backup resource needs to be found in order to be prepared for any disruption of services.


Gilpin County's proactive stance reflects its understanding of the pivotal role dispatch services play in emergency scenarios. These ongoing efforts underscore the County's dedication to adapting to changing circumstances and guaranteeing the utmost safety and service to its residents.