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Gilpin County Private Landowner Biodiversity Survey

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CSU Extension Gilpin County and the NoCo Places Executive Committee are working with Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP) to complete surveys in Gilpin County of the biodiversity of plants, insects, wildlife, moss, grasses, etc. The County pitched in a $15,000 match which helped CNHP obtain an over $7M GOCO state grant to survey throughout Colorado. Surveys have started in Gilpin County, and we are looking for interested landowners who own a significant amount of property to participate. 

The information we gather could help a landowner by providing them with a list of species that occurs on their property, and the biological assets of their property. Landowners can also seek conservation easements with this important data. The information we gather could help the County to obtain baseline information on its biodiversity and guide future land use decisions. The landowners retain control over their land use decisions.

A survey would take place over a few days in the summer, with 10 or more experts from CSU walking the property to collect data on their expertise (entomology, botany, mycology, wildlife, etc.). The data will be combined into information for the landowner, as well as in the state-wide CNHP database showing a county-wide overlay map. Property locations are not specific in the database to protect landowners and species. 

Learn more about the program 

Contact CSU Extension Director Jennifer Cook or Commissioner Sandy Hollingsworth, if interested, preferably before August 1, 2024.