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Roadside Fire Mitigation Activities in Aspen Springs Neighborhood

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The following joint letter dated July 1, 2024 was sent to Aspen Springs Residents and Property Owners. It is signed by County Manager Ray Rears, Gilpin County, and Fire Chief Paul Ondr, Timberline Fire.

Aspen Springs Resident or Property Owner,
Subject: Roadside Fire Mitigation Activities in Aspen Springs Neighborhood

In an ongoing effort to enhance safety measures for our residents and visitors, Gilpin County has engaged the services of the Timberline Fire Protection District to carry out essential roadside fire mitigation activities within the Aspen Springs neighborhood. The primary objective of these mitigation activities is to safeguard our structures and properties from the threat of wildfires. This will be achieved by creating a defensible space around homes through the reduction of flammable vegetation and materials along the roadsides.

Timberline's dedicated Fire Mitigation and Defensible Space Division crew will work within the County-owned 50-foot right-of-way along the neighborhood roads. Activities may include pruning, limbing, felling/removal, chipping, etc., according to need and best practices to reduce the amount of flammable vegetation along the roadsides.

The decision to remove trees will be made based on several factors, including their proximity to the road, overall tree health, homeowner privacy, tree species, and maturity. All slash will be removed, and burnable material will be stacked and left roadside. Our team will also address requests from property owners for the removal of
dead trees located outside of the right of way that are potentially obstructing traffic flow. Such removals will be conducted on a case-by-case basis upon request only.

This project may begin as early as mid-July and could extend through the fall. We will focus on the main evacuation routes, primarily Coyote Circle.

If you have questions about the project or concerns about specific trees in the right of way adjacent to your property, please contact Andrew Steffe with Timberline Fire Protection District's Fire Mitigation and Defensible Space Division at 720-398-1972.

Your safety and the protection of our community are paramount, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we work towards a safer and more resilient Aspen Springs neighborhood.

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