New Vaccine Mobile Bus Event Dates!

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The Vaccine Mobile Bus will be at the Gilpin Community Center one day each month and the Nederland Community center on another day each month. The new Booster that is more effective against Omicron will be available for anyone meeting the CDC's current guidelines. Flu shots will also be available! No appointments needed!
**Please note while you do not need an appointment for the vaccine mobile bus, registration is required for documentation purposes. Tablets and QR codes are available to register at the Vaccine Mobile Bus events. Vaccines are free, and no ID or insurance is needed!
People over 65 are eligible for a high-dose flu shot. This is not available on the bus. People over 65 can still receive the regular flu shot if they choose, or contact their doctor for the high-dose version.

There is a limited supply of Flu vaccine available this Saturday on the bus. Flu shots will be available on a first come- first serve basis. Only the regular (not high dose for 65+) flu shots will be available for the first 50 people who request them. There is no shortage of Covid vaccine or the Omicron Booster for ages 5 and older. The bus will be at the Gilpin Community Center from 10-4 this Saturday. It will be back in Gilpin on the first Saturday in December and then vaccines will be available at physician offices and pharmacies. Please call us with any questions at 303-582-5803

To register for the November 5th, 2022 vaccine event, please follow this link below and select any available registration slots:

Gilpin County Community Center
Saturday, November 5, 10am to 4pm
Saturday, December 3, 10am to 4pm
Nederland Community Center
Sunday, November 20, 10am to 4pm