2023 Commissioners' Districts Redistricting


Public Meetings and Hearings

The first tentatively scheduled public meeting with the County Commissioners regarding the 2023 Commissioners' Districts Redistricting will be February 14th, 2023 at 9:30am or later in the Old Gilpin County Courthouse at 203 Eureka St. in Central City.


2020 Federal Census Redistricting

As required by state law, the Gilpin County Commissioner's Districts must be re-aligned and adjusted after every Federal Census to ensure that the districts are proportional by population. The county requested that Digital Data Services Inc. (DDS) of Lakewood, Colorado, who is the county's GIS mapping contractor, prepare an analysis of current Commissioner districts and propose potential alternative maps to the County Commissioners. DDS presented their findings and proposed maps to the County Commissioners at their December 20th, 2022 meeting. 

Based on current population analysis, DDS determined that the Commissioner's districts cannot have an individual population deviation of more than 290 residents according to the county's 2020 US Census population of 5,808 residents. DDS stated that the current districts remain compliant with the deviation requirement under state law but that the districts are becoming unbalanced due to small increases in population growth in the southern half of the county. DDS presented three alternative options for district re-alignment to improve the population balance. DDS's presentation to the Commissioners can be viewed by clicking here.

Public Comment & Participation

Members of the public are encouraged to submit written public comment to the Community Development Department. You can email your comments, questions, or concerns to the Director at: rgutierrez@gilpincounty.org 

Please label your email in the subject line: "Public Comment Commissioners District Redistricting" We will compile all received public comment and post it publicly. Your public comments will be delivered to the County Commissioners for their consideration. 

Members of the public can also submit written comments in-person or via mail to the Community Development Department at 203 Eureka St. Central City, CO 80427, PO Box 661. 

Members of the public can view the current and proposed maps below. To see a more detailed view of the map in PDF form just click on the map. Additionally, members of the public can view and obtain printed versions of the map at our office Monday through Thursday 7:30am to 5:30pm. 

Current Commissioner Districts


Proposed Commissioner Districts Option 1


Proposed Commissioner Districts Option 2


Proposed Commissioner Districts Option 3